A Life of Wandering…

Something deep within a human’s nature knows when it’s time to break free from the constraints of life, and head out in search for something.

A search for what, exactly?

It’s hard to put words on precisely. But let us start by calling it a full-blooded encounter with the sublime.

Encountering the sublime in our intimate adventures. Transmitting the sublime through the work we do. Standing spellbound before the transcendent in culture. Or in nature. The hairs on your body stand on end, and your skin breaks out in goosebumps. Everything is in its right place: life is lived to the point of tears, as the philosopher Camus once said.

The majority of my clients are recently separated from a relationship, and are eager to put that gnawing feeling of mediocrity behind them. They are ready to throw off the shackles of a compromised life, and create intimacies and lifestyles that are infused by a magic they’d once known but long forgotten. Most of the men and women I work with began life with adventurous intent, but woke up many years down the line now captive within life, burdened by management, their poetic essence buried beneath deadlines and “to-dos”.

Where is the intimacy my heart knows is possible? How do I find freedom and vitality once more? What is my destiny, anyway? For as successful as I may have become, it is not this…

A Sliding Doors moment…

Something in my constitution realised I wasn’t cut out for the regular life of a modern professional. I opted out of the rat-race, turned by back on success, and left behind sensible security to go out in search of what my heart knew was true. That was at 23.

Spending many years living in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, the US, Romania, and later in South-East Asia, I committed myself as an apprentice to life’s mysteries. Immersed in tantra and the mystical paths, the deep practice of shadow work and adult development, and in pursuit of the transcendent through art and adventure, I became something of a guide to soul

A client of mine once told me that I represented the sliding doors moment of his life. If he hadn’t chosen his marriage and his profession, he would have lived my life instead, sailing the seven seas in search of soul and understanding.

These days I help men and women find and embody that which they seek.

Perhaps you are ready to take a sabbatical from your regular life, and commit to a year or two’s focused exploration of the things you always loved but never gave yourself time for.

Or perhaps you are embedded in a relationship and career which are meaningful to you, but you need something of the lover resurrected in your life. That spark, intuition, joie de vivre, creativity, that brings ease to your days, magic to your leadership, and has it all feel worthwhile.

When does a life of wandering end?

In one sense, never, for a seeker’s curiosity remains with him or her until their last breath.

But generally speaking, once you’ve had a number of peak experiences of the sublime – in relationship, vocation, culture and nature – and once you’ve grown into a kind of consciousness where that sublime state resides within you wherever you go… it is only a matter or time until you find your partner, your gift, and your true calling. You’re then ready to return home, and bring your destiny – your living legacy – back to the world.

This is what I’ll guide you to do.

To break from one’s conventional self is not for everyone. The descent into soul is for the deep and the brave. My coaching is custom-made for your requirements, and my practice is intimate and tight-knit.

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