“When you see beyond the masks, relationship takes on a whole new dimension.”


The men I encounter in this work know the pitfalls of modern life all too well.

Often educated, usually cultured, and mostly well-traveled, my clients are the kind of men beautiful women look at and ask, “you’re so amazing! Why are you still single?!”

If this amazing man is you, you will realise that at some point, it’s time for a change.

Change on a level you haven’t been able to reach until now.

Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship before, and perhaps it was one where neither you – nor her – truly opened your hearts into what was possible.

Or perhaps you’ve had plenty of women and romances over the years, but forming a long-term relationship with a truly inspirational woman just never seemed to come together.

Why? We’ll explore that in our work together.

All my coaching and mentoring is aimed to give you three indispensable things:

(1) If you’ve never had that moment with a woman where time stops, your heart opens fully, and everything around you feels like bliss — and importantly: she feels the same way about you — then I will walk you through the specific steps so you can not only have this for yourself, but so that you can lead beautiful women into this space for the rest of your life.

(2) If you know all about passion but you have never been able to build a secure base for the relationship, where the two of you feel like ‘home’ together despite the inevitable conflicts and differences that come your way… I will guide you into building this depth of trust and security between you, as well as the motivation to stay in-it-together. 

A secure-functioning relationship is the most valuable thing you’ll ever invest in during a lifetime.

(3) If love and intimacy have often been a source of worry and uncertainty in your life, something that tires you out and knocks you off-centre, our work together will transform intimacy from being an overwhelming distraction to it being the fuel for your great mission in the world. 

Rather than drain your energy through overthinking and navigating the trials of relationship, I will show you how to transform the feminine energy that surrounds you into inspiration and devotion. This will allow you to move through life as the ‘King of your Kingdom’… with your beautiful Queen by your side.

By joining me on this path, you will gain the skills to master intimacy, and create a transformation that begins from deep inside.

I believe that no man can fully embody his greatness until he lives day-by-day in the kind of love his heart knows is possible.

Are you ready for the adventure of your life?

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Why I do what I do…  [About Me]

A couple of different clichés explain why nearly every coach and teacher does the work they do:

(1) Teach what you need to learn! 

And (2), we coach our former selves!

To master the puzzle of intimacy, and to gain the capacity to attract great women and keep my relationships going, have been my life-long pursuits.

I first fell in love at the age of five, and had my first date aged six. Teenage years dented my confidence, and I set out for University to study psychology and philosophy, hoping that I would be illumined as to the inner workings of pretty girl’s minds!

It took a many more years to gain the insight I was looking for. I spent the best part of fifteen years living amidst an abundance of women in Spain, Romania and Latin America. I’ve spent eleven years practicing all kinds of coaching, leadership and shadow-work modalities. And these days I’m committed to a number of transformative spiritual practices.

But my own intimate life is proof of the exploration I’ve undertaken. Once a shy-guy, I became something of a ladies’ man only to realise that for as much as I “loved women”, I kept the responsibilities and consequences of true love at arm’s distance.

I avoided the intimacy I really longed for like the plague.

Learning to navigate the ecstasy, turmoil and agony of love… and not lose myself in the process… has been the most important inner and outer work I’ve ever done. I’m about to celebrate two magical years with my girlfriend, Adelya.

My mission in life is to help my brothers overcome their separateness from the beauty they crave, and experience the kind of intimacy their hearts always desired.

And I’ll tell you, overcoming this hurdle is worth every rejection suffered, every penny spent, every mile traveled and every sleepless night. And for those who one day experience this depth of love… I want to meet you at the finish line!

Are you ready for the adventure of your life?

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