Coaching Training | Course Overview

Coaching Training | Course Overview

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A number of people have asked me, will you ever offer a coaching training—or can you support me as I get my message and mentoring practice off the ground?

I never thought I’d go in this direction with my work. In fact, I’ll probably offer this mastermind as a rarity. But the truth is that I’ve spent thousands of hours in training rooms across the world, the majority as an apprentice/tea-boy/flip-chart flipper, who would later step in to teach concepts and practices in ways that the main trainer didn’t think of.

Over the years, I’ve seen the ins and outs of various styles of coach training, and I have known hundreds of coaches succeed and struggle to build their practices over the years. I know the foundations of coaching; and I’ve seen what works in the industry.

Personally, I’ve veered away from purist coaching to build an idiosyncratic practice, involving mentoring, teaching, and spiritual unfoldment, and the arts. Rather than teaching the rote basics of coaching, I find that those who win in the real world will be those who craft offers that feel unique for the marketplace.

This will be a close-knit, action-based art and business of coaching programme. At the round-table, I will support you in the pressing circumstances in which you find yourself: your desire to grow, your current client challenges, and clarifying the subtleties of messaging. This mastermind will give you just-in-time provision of resources and guidance. You will also receive deep feedback and collaboration as you up-level your business and standing as a coach, mentor and guide in the world.

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How it Works

Informal Kick-off Gathering (1hr) — Sat 22nd June, 2pm UK

Get to know your tribe. Mapping success: your first homework practice.

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Essential coaching skills. Bringing out your gift. Building the backbone of your process and offer.

Essential marketing and communication practice. Picking your theme & client type for the next cycle of your business.

Session 1 — Saturday 29th June, 2pm UK / 9am Eastern

Session 2 — Saturday 6th July, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

Session 3 — Saturday 13th July, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

Session 4 — Saturday 20th July, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

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After embedding the fundamentals and shaping your first offer, the next sessions will be about supervision (making your coaching more effective; working with challenging scenarios).

We will also share a culture of continual feedback: how you can hone your message and delivery so that it’s more authentic, and speaks further to the heart of your ideal clients.

As we go: further tweaks and models that can enhance YOUR specific study, offer, and approach to this profession.

Session 5 — Saturday 3rd August, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

Session 6 — Saturday 17th August, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

Session 7 — Saturday 31st August, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

Session 8 — Saturday 14th Sept, 2pm UK / 9pm Bali

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The calls for Sessions 1-8 last between 2 and 2,5 hours.

If you have questions for me (and the group) between calls, simply post them on the private group feed, or send in an audio via what’s app.

All session recordings will be available on a private group.

Any mastermind content will be created on-the-fly, and uploaded to a secret group for permanent access.

Other resources I can provide you with — book recommendations, instructional videos, etc. — will unfold as our conversation does. This is to not overload you with training that might not be used.

My aim is to stick to what is completely essential for your learning, and have you focus on weekly action.

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Your investment for the How to Coach & Spread Your Message course is $2495.

Installment plans available for a small added fee.

Just go here to pay in full, and claim your spot.

Or, you can grab your spot with a 3x installment plan, or a 5x plan.

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I am especially ready to remove some of the mental entanglements and confusion that cost coaches years of progress on their paths to impact and income. And I will be delighted to support you as you draw out a highly unique, needed-in-the-world coaching offer — for the sake of the creative spirit!

Looking forward to walking this path with you.

~ Jordan

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