Private Coaching

Your Guide to Unfolding

People regularly reach out and ask how I coach, and wonder what’s involved in the transformative process. 

“What is my technique?”, they ask. “What is my methodology for change?”

Well, every time I pick up the phone, I have two concurrent conversations with you. We slip intuitively between both during the majority of our sessions, depending on where you are and what you need most.

Our first conversation is a meeting of minds within everyday awareness. There’s Q&A and a sporting brain-picking between us both, all the while I’m listening into your learning trajectory, and what we might call the lifelong journey of your soul from cradle to grave. I offer mentoring through my own hard-earned stories, and offer you just-in-time distinctions and insights to help you move strongly through the different dynamics you find yourself in. This is a developmental conversation that tracks you along the various stages of your growth, nudging you into ever-widening perspectives, and flagging the moments when you’re coming more from the ego than your heart. In this conversation you receive radical feedback, as you are gently guided into witnessing your blindspots, your unconscious sabotaging parts, as well as finding the untapped powers of your own personal myth.

Our second conversation changes the rhythm, slows us down, and guides you into a direct encounter with your inner world. You enter an altered mode of consciousness where you explore your own personal metamorphosis, if you will, as it occurs. This means feeling and welcoming your inner conflicts and shadow parts, embodying a fuller palette of your emotions – light and dark – and tapping into who you are as Presence: the archetypal and transpersonal qualities that flow through you. This present-moment exploration melts the old, trapped structures of the ego, and ushers in transformation on-the-spot. We practice new ways of showing up, in the session together, on the fly. As you become expert at navigating the depths of your inner experience during our sessions, you learn how to do the same thing on your own, in your work, and in your relationships. You see more clearly, and feel more fully.

Succinctly put, in the first conversation we talk about your path. In the second we do the work.

My coaching is based upon a view of unfolding, not improving. My gripe with the popular self-help modalities of today is that they buy into your strategies to over-compensate for parts of yourself that you at-best can’t accept and at-worst actively despise. They try to change how you feel and who you are, issue you with never-ending series of practices, and often lead you to feel shame (or burnout) when you can’t keep up with expectations. All such activity is based on a fundamental non-acceptance of yourself, and believes in your stories of self-deficiency. In this work we begin with the view that you’re already resourceful, whole and lovable as you are: all you need is to tap more deeply into this conviction for yourself, to deepen into soul, and integrate the parts of you that don’t yet believe this to be true.

Over the course of 14 sessions and 6 months, my coaching clients glide through their major inner conflicts and sticking points, unfreeze and gain access to more of their life-force, and become more present, less controlling, and genuinely unattached to outcomes in all areas of their lives. You will get to know yourself as Presence itself, and not as the ricocheting rollercoaster of stuck, conflicting and fragmented parts of your psyche. You learn to build your inner compass based on your own embodied wisdom, instead of relying on outside points of reference. You become more ready and trustable for intimacy, and to enjoy life’s adventure to its fullest.

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How to Apply

If you resonate deeply with my writings and perspectives, and you’d like my support as you walk your path, simply send me an email and request an application form. We’ll take it from there.



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