Coaching Training | Summer ’24

How to Change Lives & Spread Your Much-Needed Message

[‘Around the fireplace’ coaching & business training — starting soon.]

* * *

A big ‘head’s up’ message for you — a response to many requests:

If you would like to properly ‘launch yourself’, and start spreading your own wisdom and message to the world…

If you would like to build a lifestyle and income stream through coaching others…

Or, if you’re a practicing coach, you want to feel certain about the value you bring in your sessions…

Please read this carefully.

This summer, I will run a small, very private group, where you will deepen your coaching skill, and properly take your coaching business to the next level.

Over eight weeks, I will walk beside you, support you, critique you, laugh with you, and help bring out your gifts, as you step up your standing in the world as a coach and public speaker.

I’ve been in the coaching profession now for sixteen years. I could seduce you with images of what that looks like: the freedom, the creativity of my schedule and offerings, what it feels like to spark insight or reach a heart. I trust you get the picture.

This path has taken serious commitment, though. I must have had ten or twelve different coaching trainers throughout the years, and I’ve completed numerous certifications.

However, during all that time, I virtually never sat in the big hotel conference room, where you sit watching slides with 150 other trainees, lucky to get one question answered by the guru over the course of a long weekend. 

Instead, I learned my coaching craft in small groups of 8-12 people. We’d work deeply during the day, and spend our evenings around the fire, talking in nuance and with feedback, sharing the personal side of the game, and all the extracurricular secrets we could squeeze into the precious time we had together.

I learned through hands-on apprenticeship, at the table of transmission. In my heart, this close-knit, devoted sort of training is what feels right to offer to you.

* * *

If you join me for the coaching mastermind, you will explore:

> The nature of coaching results, vs deeper client ‘worldview’ transformation,

> How to find the right clients with the right message,

> The nature of the coach’s confidence, connection, and presence (and how this does 90% of the legwork),

> Authenticity as a coach, as a marketer and public speaker: how to move through resistance, and the dislike of one’s work (and self!) in those early attempts,

> How to create an offer—a unique and structured coaching programme—that people will remember you for,

> Generous and compassionate coaching models that relax and stay with your clients for years… rather than stoke up their not-enoughness or self-help compulsion.

* * *

Who the coaching mastermind is for:

1. You have done a serious amount of inner work, and know you have some gold to share. You’re (almost) ready now to stand up in public, and start offering your message to the world. Getting vital feedback and support as you shape and refine your material feels essential.

2. You are already offering coaching and mentoring to others (or you know you could be, if you simply extend an invitation). You know that your conversations regularly inspire others, yet you see how some clients, and some attempts at change, can be complex. You want to deepen your understanding, skill, and confidence.

3. You have the energy right now to devote to this: to try, to fail a little, to learn. You are committed to taking the first steps in turning pro.

Who this training is NOT for:

> Those who are somewhat curious about coaching, and somewhat idealise the lifestyle. Those who’d like to sit in an inspiring conversation around coaching, and absorb a number of tools and impressions to maybe use later.

This mastermind is not a comprehensive coaching syllabus. I will not walk you through a progressive set of techniques.

Instead, we will work with where you are now, what you need to put into action this very week, and how you can continue to strengthen your efforts… in line with your unique coaching vision and gifts.

In short, you will be very thoroughly seen, championed, and held accountable.

What this mastermind might lack in coaching 101 instruction, it will be more than made up for in over-generous sharing of real-world skill, brotherhood, and the bare-all truth of what makes a coaching business work.

We will not sit around pontificating about coaching ideas, but work directly with YOU as the instrument of your work.

Where will your coaching practice be in two months’ time?

What sort of impact will you have, as a coach?

* * *

Does changing lives, and making a living sharing your passions, call to you?

If so, hit reply and tell me a little about yourself.

From there, I’ll respond to you, and invite you to a call to talk 1:1. We’ll chat on zoom about your goals, your vision, your challenges, and enrollment.

There will be no wider marketing on this event. I want to host a close-knit, vibrant, private round-table.

We have very good men inside. Men ready to begin their coaching journey—chomping at the bit, actually, with energy to begin!

A new lifestyle, a new vocation, a whole new impact on the world.

Email me if interested.

~ Jordan

* * *

Act Now! This group will begin within the next 7-14 days.

Financing is possible — we can discuss this when we speak.

* * *

“Anyone remotely considering coaching as a career path should 100% take advantage of this invitation.

Over a decade ago I was invited by Jordan to be an assistant coach at the retreats he was organizing.

I had zero idea about coaching yet through mere shadowing alone and witnessing the way he worked, I got the foundations of what would inspire my own practice..

From a few hours here and there with him I got ahead 99% of the coaches out there in terms of my ability to hold space and lead someone through their stuff..

I can only imagine what a dedicated container would do.. paired with a decade of refinement in what was already very powerful coaching.

So don’t let this go to waste.”

— Nicolas Canon

Amorati Ambassador, Author of ‘Grace’,

and leader of week-long shamanic healing retreats near Medellín, Colombia