Greater Together Than Alone…

You wake up in a startle, the bed next to you empty. Where is she?

Entering through the half-opened bedroom door comes the sound of singing. Chanting? Praying, perhaps? It’s the sound of lullaby and it enters you whole, making you smile, stretch, and relax another few moments in the warm bed.

Walking into the kitchen as you prepare your morning rituals, chopped vegetables line the surfaces. She woke up earlier than you today, and she wanted you to be prepared.

You make coffee, and she makes breakfast. You sit down to work, and she serves you a plate. You tell her what you need to do today, and the way her eyes sparkle has you believe you can do it all. She missed you, she beams with joy. She couldn’t wait for you to wake up…

Each Year I Take Five Gentlemen on the Journey of Their Lives

This journey is both practical and spiritual. You will break relationship habits of a lifetime, stretch your capacity to love, and open your comfort zone to a whole new normal.

You will learn how to create life-affirming moments of intimacy whether with the woman of your dreams, or with one of a number of partners along the way.

You will master the keys to create relationships that are deep, enduring and safe… while exploring wild sex, transformational conflict, and the dark edges of your and your partner’s psyche!

You will learn to align your relationship so that it’s no longer a source of distraction, but essential fuel for your life’s work. You will admire and be admired.

And you will release a lifetime’s supply of stress and self-doubt when it comes to life’s core questions. You will discover — to the depths of your soul — that you are worthy of the devotion of a truly beautiful women. This is no small matter.

You will brush off the accumulated debris of past heartaches and losses. You will gain psychological wisdom. People will look to you as a leader, a role-model, a rock… even in these turbulent times. And you’ll come to see how your simple presence in this world, and your deeper ability to see, changes everything.

But This Journey Is Not For Everyone…

My clients come from different walks of life, but they all have five things in common:

  1. They make big commitments and they’re willing to take action.
  2. They’re open to test their assumptions in the name of learning — even if they find an exploration ‘counter-intuitive’.
  3. They follow through in the name of practice and progress, even if they’re “not feeling in the mood”.
  4. They cultivate the discipline to be the source of their own energy… and ultimately give more to the world than they take.
  5. They adore women, and enjoy few things more in life than seeing a woman bloom!

Are you ready for the challenge of intimacy?

If not now, then when?

What’s Needed to Get Started?

It’s simple…

1] Fill out the application form below.

2] Over the next week or two, you and I will talk in-depth about your vision for your romantic life.

3] You will take the courageous step, and commit to doing what it takes for you to make that vision come true.

4] We journey together towards your dream relationship to women.

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