Private Coaching

Each Year I Guide A Small Handful Of Gentlemen Along The Journey Of Their Lives

Coaching with me is not for everyone. But for those with a particular love of beauty and a thirst for adventure, it’s explosive.

This journey is both practical and spiritual. You will break relationship habits of a lifetime, stretch your capacity to love, and open your comfort zone to a whole new normal.

You will learn how to create life-affirming moments of intimacy whether with the woman of your dreams, or with one of a number of partners along the way.

You will master the keys to create relationships that are deep, enduring and safe… while exploring wild sex, transformational conflict, and the dark edges of your and your partner’s psyche.

You will learn to align your relationship so that it’s no longer a source of distraction, but essential fuel for your life’s work. You will admire and be admired.

And you will release a lifetime’s supply of stress and self-doubt when it comes to life’s core questions. You will discover — to the depths of your soul — that you are worthy of the devotion of a truly beautiful woman. This is no small matter.

You will brush off the accumulated debris of past heartaches and losses. You will gain psychological wisdom. People will look to you as a leader, a role-model, a rock… even in these turbulent times. If you’re like most of my clients, you’ll even venture far beyond your romantic concerns, and uncover your true place in the world — as artist, entrepreneur, leader.

This is your mythological vision quest.

And you’ll end by knowing how your simple presence in this world, and your deeper ability to see, transforms everything and everyone around you.

But This Journey Is Not For Everyone…

My clients come from different walks of life, but they all have these core things in common:

  1. They make big commitments and they’re willing to take action.
  2. They’re open to test their assumptions in the name of learning — even if they find an exploration ‘counter-intuitive’ or a break from their traditional habits.
  3. They follow through in the name of practice and progress, and are willing to look their fears and roadblocks directly in the eye.
  4. They cultivate the discipline to be the source of their own energy… and commit to giving more to the world than they take.
  5. They have conquered any addictions they’ve struggled with in life, have a secure sense of who they are in social settings, and are motivated to uncover their shadows and emotional edges. They are ready to take the path of their honest, visceral desires.
  6. They adore women, and enjoy few things more in life than seeing a woman bloom!

Are you ready for the challenge of true intimacy?

How Do I Get Started?

First of all, I need you to understand that this is not conventional dating/relationship coaching or careful emotional therapy. This is a unique chance to shed the skin of old versions of yourself, take utterly new courses of action by exploring the wild world we live in, and set out in search for experiences unknown. It’s about adventure, and action.

This means that each of my private clients spend hours each week diving fully into all kinds of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exploration — in intimacy, in culture and in nature — and work intricately on real-world skill development.

To navigate the terrain ahead of you, and uncover mysterious transformations that will occur within, I require a commitment of at least 12 months from my clients. Our work together consists of deep coaching sessions via zoom, and a number of in-person training days during the year. You’ll be invited into my inner circles. And I will have your back through thick and thin.

During our time together, you will most likely be taking a sabbatical from a career you’ve begun to outgrow, so you have the time you need to fully explore the things that call you, and do the practical assignments we design together. If you remain in your work and homeland throughout our time together, you will have set aside enough time each week to immerse yourself fully in your interests and curiosity.

In order to go deeper into yourself than ever before, sacrifice of what is no longer essential is necessary.

* * *

Once we’re clear on that, it’s simple…

1] Fill out the application form below.

2] Over the next week or two, you and I will talk in-depth about your vision for your intimate life, the gifts you wish to give the world, and of the mysteries you seek.

3] You will take the courageous step, and commit to doing what it takes for you to make that vision come true.

4] If we are a fit, we journey together towards a more sublime relationship to yourself, your work, and your relationships.

* * *

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