My friend, my fellow man,

As I put this ‘about’ page together, I reflect on my own journey, and how I came to be in a position to offer guidance—to someone perhaps like yourself. In a certain good moment I took a sharp left: I set out on a pilgrimage to the heart of darkness; a quest for beauty, passion, and the good life. I shunned the sterile confusion of modernity, and embraced the wildness and exuberance of the tropics. I opted for a life below the neckline; the equator; the guts, pelvis, blood and hips.

Here is an existential truth, a maxim of ultimate significance: There is nothing you have to do in life; yet you will die with the consequences of your choices.

So tell me: ‘what sparks a human soul to begin its search—for meaning, for fulfilment; for a whole life?’ Perhaps it begins when you feel the gravity of your untold freedom.

Back then, when I took that radical turn, I was yearning for meaning and purpose (and love—let’s never leave love out); I was tormented by questions unanswered in the waking world. The philosophy department remained abstract from my real-world concerns; self-improvement felt cloying and meek; and around me the world divided between the ambitious, who surrendered their souls for material wealth, and the bohemians, who embraced artistic freedom at the cost of a stable future.


Yet I could not abandon my search for a true life. I heeded the call of the sea. My initiation into the world was perilous, unorthodox. I embarked on a journey that would span decades, seeking answers through global travel and my inner shadows; amidst cinema and literature, spiritual communion and abject exile. At this point I could tell you some stories. The places I lived; the friendlessness; the city walks and the long nights staring at the moon; the victories in love; the desolation. But let’s just say, on a number of different nights, I made and re-made a vow that I would give everything to succeed in my soul’s vocation: to play full out in leadership, in creating culture, and in following the force of my passions. And from such vows, I discovered a wellspring of wisdom that would come to colour my every thought and action.

By shaking off my lingering self-expections (I need to be somebody), and by letting go of my strategies to carefully connive my way up some sort of status and security ladder, I became honest with the world around me, honed the talents central to me, and unleashed a deep-seated vitality.

Like this, life becomes a mythic adventure. You find wonder in its every twist and turn. It’s the rite of passage that should be granted to every man.

But despite all the adventure, I discovered that meaning is intimacy; intimacy meaning. The more I’d bare my secret selves in the light of friends and lovers, the more I’d slip into the vulnerable space of my sacred wounds, and, down there, I’d find the source of love, self-worth, courage, understanding. And bring fire to the wild genius within.

Many guides and mentors have appeared along my path, from the lovers I took, to spiritual teachers and coaches I invested in, and the true friends that walked the way. Each played a role in my transformation, and their collective influence would shape me into the man I was to become.

These insights led me to craft retreats, embodiment workshops, and coaching programmes of my own, where I came to hone my voice and my offer back in the shire. It seemed my escapades and insights activated something in others. And in moments of beautiful sincerity—where a client’s desire to know met the brutal insight of my own lived experience—I saw men’s hearts break open into hundred different emotions (mine, too), and I knew I had unearthed my purpose.


So I stand before you as an embodiment of the work I do—a writer and coach who draws upon lineages of wisdom, yet remains grounded in the street-smarts of how things work. Younger men see me offer a fast-track through the jungles of adult life, while leaders feel me as a ‘sliding doors’ version of themselves. ‘If only I hadn’t taken that job, that house, that wife… I would have lived your life,’ they tell me. ‘Show me all the mysterious knowledge you know!

Perhaps we could all do with a guide to show youth the true way; to cut open the cul-de-sacs of stalling midlife and given-up dreams.

Now this is crucial to everything I do: I see love and spirituality as direct, hair-raising experiences, not mere philosophical concepts, and I can guide you out of your patterns of closure and over-thinking, so you can touch these sublime qualities in the moment.

And yet, to keep a foot in these high virtues—to lead from such presence, to infuse it into everything important you do—a man must uncover the savagery, the horror, that lies at the heart of his unconscious. For only beneath those places you fear most, will you discover the essence of your being, your purpose, your path.

So, my friend, let us embark on an odyssey. A journey of ultimate significance that will echo from here to your death-bed. And beyond.

Delve with me into life’s profound questions and uncover the essence of what it means to be you. Accept this call to adventure, and remember that you are not alone. I am here to walk beside you, to share the wisdom I have gleaned, to help you through the swamp, the valley, the desert, the second mountain.


Come join me on a quest. One that will uncover the genius of your unconscious, the source of raw feeling, and, ultimately, your north star.

Yours in the quest for beauty and meaning,

~ Jordan

* * *

When you’re ready, here’s how we can work together:

(1) Newsletter: Soon, ‘The Beautiful Confusion’

The place to get acquainted with everything I publish and try. The chase is on: will or, or will I not, create something of redeeming aesthetic beauty, before I die?

Saturated, embodied insights on a soul-infused life.

(2) Legacy:

What if you were given two full years to explore your heart’s true gifts? What possibilities would reveal themselves with such devotion? How would those around you become transformed… if you claimed your full wild power?

That’s what we explore in Legacy. Legacy is a game-changing coaching journey that aims to uncover the next layer of your calling, and have you take consistent action towards it. The programme contains 13 modules, spans 24 months, includes a retreat, weekly practices, a committed group, and 1:1 coaching. This is for men who grasp the significance of life, and that their imprint on it matters. 

For leaders who don’t have the luxury of time but can match commitment with intensity, Legacy is also offered in an 8-week Accelerator version.

(3) Coaching:

Private, 1:1 guidance on what is alive for you. Be it relational presence, process work, energetic alignment, or my experience and reflections. Get a first-hand taste of what working together is like.


For corporate or speaking inquiries, contact me here.

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