Legacy Bio

Illustration #1 :: Football in the canyon; mystical night

When I was around 7 or 8, I was playing football in a valley in the Canary Islands, deep in the blue of night. The other boys were a few years older than me, but I ran with everything I had, wanting to contribute, wanting to do my bit and score. I do not remember how long that game lasted, only how the moon surfaced over the dark brown mountains, and how time seemed to dissolve as I ran past all physical limits I usually had. The island was eternal.

Back home, though, I carried a curse. Finding it easy to get good grades at school, I was the boy who could become anything, and I’d live most of my adult life under the shadow of squandered potential. I entered the world of coaching and self-development some fifteen years ago, perhaps motivated by this inner nagging. I felt too-rarely on-purpose, always behind, and definitely unproductive. My mind caught up in the paradox of choice: in a world of infinite options it’s almost impossible to know what to give one’s life to.

One night, while approaching the certification process of a leadership training I had signed up for, a group of colleagues and I practiced the methodology until late in the night. I felt passion and clarity for the topic at hand, and I started helping my colleagues with feedback. At the end of the night, one of the women present said to me, ‘I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I’ve seen a man just give like that, both from his head and his heart, entwined’. The night had again become eternal, and while a lover had left me multiple messages inviting me to her house to ‘sleep’, it somehow felt more right to walk home under the moon, and rest (as I did at that time) on a humble yoga mat on the floor. A couple of quiet tears fell from my eyes. That night took a layer off of the ego, and soon after I was to truly know love, and taste a deeper spiritual experience still.

Illustration #2 :: Falling in love (and catching it) Before Sunrise scene

As the following phase of my life became consumed by intensified searching, a new definition of purposefulness arose. I started to see man’s Legacy—that urge to bring something of value into the world—less in an ‘award-winning, monument-erecting’ accomplishment sense, but as having more to do with the timeless, the embodied-in-the-moment, and the sublime. In fact, a colleague once asked me how I knew when I had a good year in business. My first reaction: ‘well, if I break open into tears of joy at least a dozen times in that calendar year, I know I’ve been working true.’ Curiosity about this more contemplative definition of a man’s Legacy grew in me throughout the years that followed.

I have degrees and qualifications and all kinds of initiation, but none of that stuff compares to the real lived experience we here call beauty. Being in a committed relationship for almost six years now—and finding my place in this more meaning-soaked world—I see my commitment, my manifestation-ability, and my influence only grow. Having spent so many formative years feeling lost, it’s interesting that, as I look back at life’s golden thread from a higher vantage point, the clues to my future already dotted the path.Anyway, this is where my individual story stops, and my gaze starts to go beyond me. What’s so sacred I’ll give my life to pass on? How might I influence those I love, and the generations beyond me? This is where ‘Legacy’ is born.

* * *

Illustration #3 :: Sketch of photo, me & Adelya beside the mountain

The Map, The Path & The Fellowship

Both the Legacy Path and the Legacy Accelerator are highly-structured, resource-rich courses, their contents dripping out to you at a speed ideal for absorption and integration. You’ll have practice calls and coaching calls, and I’m here to guide you through the winding narrative of your life, and also into the mysterious facets of your in-the-moment depth. I gave fifteen years to the art of coaching, to psychological shadow work, and pan-cultural spiritual wandering. I will bring you my all.

And yet, I do not model myself as a supercoach who will, with the flick of some wand, do the heavy lifting of your transformation. Nor can I clear up the most gruelling questions of your soul in some pithy, problem-solved way. Not all of them, at least.

Men in the Legacy courses know that they will be walking their paths, generating for themselves the energy needed to become leaders in their domains. For part of leadership is that the abundance you give to the world is sourced from inside.

So rather than operate as a teacher, or healer, or coach, I instead take the shape of artist or thought-leader. I stand at the forefront of today’s thinking, yet the problems of our age remain open.For this reason, you will find that Legacy is also a community. When passionate people come together, all committed to excellence in their pursuits, it is said that the group forms a scenius—a ‘scene of collective genius’. Working with fellow men drawn to deep visions and contemplations, your energy will lift, and your capacity both to imagine and manifest will be pulled wide open.

Illustration #4 :: Some kind of Dead Poet’s Society image of a lot of excited people having fun & planning things

Joining Legacy is your chance to form and execute on your highest vision for your life. I’ll work alongside you, and you will receive creative input, challenge, and my full dedication towards your path. What connects you and I is the possibility of doing something edgy, bold, beautiful, feeling-based… to seize the courage and sharpness to go all the way in your vision—to expose your wildest genius and creative edge to the world—and have that lead your life forward.

Like you, I am working on the global, philosophical problems of our age, in the hope that, even if I never capture the solution verbally, I may learn to revel in the beautiful confusion that surrounds us, to live well, and that I become one embodiment of the answer. As will you.

Illustration #5 :: ‘About JLC’ Image of me — variation of the homepage image, in sketch

By now, I trust you see this is not like stepping into some business guru or mystic healer’s circle. Instead, come and be boosted, chiselled and developed by the creativity of a community of leaders who are going all-in in devotion to their soul’s wild paths. Surround yourself in a scene of similar hearts and minds.

What will be the inheritance that you pass on to the generations that follow?

How will you be remembered by those you most love?

Step inside, and we’ll discover it together.




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