Your Heart, Eased Open

A few times a year, my partner Adelya and I open our home for a transformational adventure into the nature of love and relationship.

If you love our work, and want a profound shift in your ability to feel and go deep in all your intimate encounters, then join us live!


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What To Expect When You Work With Us Live:

The Live Intensive is a retreat away from the pressures of the normal world. You will be welcomed into a family atmosphere of fun and relaxation, yet one of deep personal exploration.

During four days and nights of courageous conversation, we’ll explore and challenge your entire way of seeing love and life, helping you to uncover deeper layers of your authentic self, stay grounded during moments of relationship intensity, and raise the bar when it comes to the quality of your intimate relationships – for the rest of your life.

At the intensive, you will also experience a number of structured exercises designed to give you three specific gifts:

1] You will have a deep, embodied experience of mystical intimacy.

Imagine sitting eye to eye with a beautiful woman, time pausing, your hearts opening into a space of mutual admiration, and dropping together into a liquid bubble-of-two. We will guide you into the experience of unreasonable joy and ecstasy that can happen through the act of simple connection.

If you’ve never had the experience of swimming in this pool of timeless presence with a beautiful woman, this practice will give you an imprint of a whole new level of connection that’s possible. During the intensive you will train your mind and body so you can re-visit this depth of intimacy in the future.

2] You will have the time and attention to dissolve some of your greatest barriers in relationship.

During the Intensive, we’ll create a safe and healing environment for you to get to know the hidden walls and blind-spots you’ve built up that restrict the flow of love into your life. You’ll come to understand your resistance and defences, feel any emotions you’ve been suppressing, and come to a new place of openness.

Most people are unaware of the habitual ways they keep intimacy at bay, and our careful group process leaves our workshop participants with a greater feeling of connection to all of life.

3] You will learn to see women beneath the surface… like a Jedi!

Not many men have the presence, or the selfless attitude required, to see beneath women’s masks, and feel the truth of how she feels about you… in real time.

Yet this ability is a pre-requisite to any truly fulfilling intimacy: especially as the feminine communicates in signals that are very different from our own! At the intensive you will gain X-ray vision so you can feel under the surface, unraveling the mysteries of women – and people in general for that matter – for life!

Book Your Place Today

We have a limit of 8 participants for the Live Intensive, and our team of beautiful women will be invited into the workshop to support and practice with you.

The next event will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 20-23 November, 2019.

Reserving your place is simple:

1] Simply click the button below and complete your payment today.

2] Receive our welcome email, and arrange your transport and accommodation in Chiang Mai.

3] Go through the Live Intensive and have your experience of intimacy transformed forever.

4] Re-enter the world of women feeling excited, refreshed, and with Jedi-vision in your intimate affairs!



~ Chiang Mai, Thailand, 20-23 November, 2019 ~

Any Questions About the Intensive?

Simply send me an email, including your phone number, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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Finishing the Chiang Mai Live Intensive, November 2018.

Remember, you can’t take your woman any deeper than you’ve been willing to go yourself. And it’s the masculine’s responsibility to create that depth.

Choose love as your highest priority this autumn, and make the early 2020 the most connected time of your life.



And we’ll see you this November 20-23, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.




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