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Retreat Calendar, Spring 2023

I have no live events or retreats in the calendar at the moment, while I focus on writing.

Feel free to look at the descriptions of former events, which I’m sure I’ll offer again in the future.

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Walking & Beauty

A 2-day, personal, VIP retreat.

Sometimes all you need is pure listening and unbridled truth. To get feedback on your situation without agenda, while receiving compassion and encouragement.

This 2-day retreat is aimed at men in the middle of their lives; men contemplating a big transition, but who need time aside to sit in a deeper perspective, and get expert guidance as they straddle a personal precipice.

In a few select locations around the world, we will guide you through two days of walking, beauty, culture, art, good food, and ancient tradition. As we explore the hidden backstreets of this exotic locale, we will uncover the mazes and divisions in your own unconscious heart, and bring you clarity re: your next steps. 

This is where deep, philosophical life-coaching meets the good life. At this one-of-a-kind, bespoke event, you will create the next expression of your life from the vantage point of your deepest values and potential.

If you resonate with my work and want my guidance, come see us live and get it.

Investment: $6,500.

Maximum: 2 participants per event.

NB: this is not an embodiment or relationship-oriented event. Meals and accommodation not included.

Questions? Simply click the image and contact me directly, and to book you place for Kyoto.

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Nature, Virility & Release – Bali (Group Retreat)

4 Days of Wild Embodiment.

Awaken Your Visceral Passion, and Unleash Your Creative, Sexual Life Force.

Spiritual practices have passed down to us brilliant techniques for clearing the mind, and opening the lotus flower of the heart. Many of us benefit each day from opening these ‘upper’ centers of our internal world.

But I believe an awakening is possible in the lower body, of men and women alike. To bring awareness to the intelligence of our guts, the power of our pelvis, and what roots us with conviction in this world. Many of us today are swimming in empathy and great ideas, yet there’s an animal kind of verve… a dangerous, wild aliveness… that we feel to be missing. It invokes jealousy and fear when we see such passion integrated in others.

Our virility is our lust for living. It fills our work with power and aliveness. Our erotic nature roams wild and free. We stop second-guessing ourselves. We feel the thrill of being alive.

What stops you from moving through life as your untrammeled, primal self? First: conditioning, taboo. We each have holding patterns—fear—that stops us from showing up in this way. Second: recognition. Most of us have numbed out the dynamic wisdom of our deep lower bodies, and we require a process to shake this energy back to life. Third: realization. That when we clarify our lust, our pleasure, our vitality and our excitement, we understand these energies not as distracting forms of sexual appetite, but full-blown spiritual qualities: gifts in and of themselves. Imagine having a throbbing, irradiating, masculine passion—to transmit into everything you do.

At this four-day retreat, I will guide you through a number of solo processes, group-work exercises, plus reflection from our team of embodied feminine women. You will receive personalized coaching and adjustment along the way. And you will have a direct experience of the sublime virtue of your virile life force.

And the biggest win is this: you will learn, for the rest of your life, how to no longer depend on other people’s energy to fill you up and get you excited. You will become the source of your very own vibrating passion.

So come join us this January in the jungles of Bali.

Investment: $4,500.

Maximum: 6 participants per event.

NB: this is resort-based retreat event. The work will be deep and run late. Meals and accommodation are included. Be ready to get raw, and share a life-giving time in deep brotherhood.

Questions? Click the image below to contact me personally, and to book the retreat.

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Nature, Virility & Release – Bali (VIP Retreat)

4 Days of Highly Personalised, Life-Changing Embodiment Work.

Heal What Blocks Access to Your Primal Passion, and Unleash Your Creative, Sexual Life Force.

A man’s erotic energy, and his sense of masculinity, is one of the most intimate aspects of his life.

To be hurt or shamed in this area of yourself—to live with a feeling of being entangled here, or not enough—is some of the worst pain that a man will ever feel.

Even if you grow up to have a decent, functional relationship, if you don’t heal the deep questions about your sexuality, you’ll often feel something is missing down below, and the vibrancy of your intimate life will suffer. Some men are too troubled by their erotic patterning—or suppression—to ever get with a woman they love.

To compensate for our blocks around our erotic life-force, we build patterns to avoid the emotions of lack and pain. Unconscious, compulsive habits such as porn addiction, falling for the wrong kind of women, half-living in a world of fantasy and projection, even exuberant sexual addiction (followed by the inability to connect when you do wish to go deeper with someone) are ways to avoid the pain caused by a fundamental disconnect with our bodies. Such habits fritter our presence and conviction in all areas of our lives: from dating to career to speaking in public. Even in our spiritual paths.

Because of the delicate nature of these challenges, some men want to do their inner work in a space of total privacy. You want pristine attention to help you untangle the issues that have dogged your intimate life, to let go of the shame, and to re-connect with your virility… in a condensed space of time.

This is an entirely bespoke 1:1 retreat, for men who want to liberate themselves from their erotic challenges for good. The pay-off? You get to bring your raw aliveness and passion back to your woman, your family, and your legacy in the world.

Your erotic energy is what fuels your charisma, your creativity, your sense of conviction, and your connection to the world. No area of your life will be unaffected by this work.

Come and join me for four days of private deep work, where, through deep embodiment practice, virtually unlimited personal coaching, and reflection from our gorgeous, feminine women, you will awaken and liberate the erotic life-force within you. This is for you if you want to claim the secret of man’s virile energy, and make a sweeping transformation in your life.

I will be waiting for you, at a luxurious retreat centre and with my support team, in the healing fields of Bali.

Investment: $25k.

Maximum: 1 participant per event.

NB: this is a resort-based retreat event. Meals and accommodation are included. 2x post-retreat coaching calls included.

Questions? Click the image below to contact me personally, and to book the retreat.

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Want to Work with me, from anywhere in the world? Join my Study Groups:

A Home-Study, Comprehensive Guide To Your Embodiment ~ LOTM

Join anytime! Our on-demand embodiment and archetypes course sets you up for deep, inner transformation, by releasing the constrictions of your body, and re-igniting your life force.

2-Hour Masterclasses

A main priority throughout 2023 is to offer a number of Masterclasses to the public. These will be 2-4 hour Zoom calls, introducing themes closest to my heart, and showcasing the essence of my longer-term work.

One Year ‘Masters’ in the Fine Arts of Intimacy & Attraction

A year-long mentoring programme refining your artistry in attraction, intimacy, and erotic intelligence. For singles and those in committed partnerships.

A One-Year Deep-Dive Into What Ultimately Matters ~ Legacy

A one-year leadership odyssey—find how you need to give yourself to the world, so you can die complete. Included: coaching and creative supervision, so you can hone your vocational gifts in the market.

‘Pick My Brain’ ~ 1:1 Coaching

Want to talk with me first, before going any further? My calendar has some slots open for personal coaching sessions. Simply sign up here. For those wanting access to me over a longer period of time, email me and request an application for one of my limited spots.

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