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I’ve hosted, co-hosted, and been invited on a few good podcasts over the years. Here are just a few.

On the Ars Amorata:

Every now and then I release an episode of The Zan and Jordan Show, alongside Ars Amorata founder (and a personal mentor of mine), Zan Perrion. That’s not to mention the epic In Search of the Alabaster Girl series we filmed in 2015.

Go here to download the audio version of our current podcast on your favourite player.

Humans in Love:

Zachary Stockill hosts the beautiful Humans in Love podcast, on which I have been a frequent guest.

Journeys in the Land of Women, January 2018

Cheating Death, Loving Women & Searching for Meaning, January 2018

Goal-Setting, Presence & Simplicity, January 2019

Can Men & Women be Friends? Jealousy and More, January 2019

Navigating Conflict in Relationships, January 2020

Defining Legacy & Discovering Purpose, January 2020

The Ruwando Podcast:

Men’s coach Ruwan Meepagala has interviewed me a couple of times on his fascinating and vibrant show.

On the Ars Amorata, September 2019

Subjective vs. Objective Beauty, February 2020

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Media Inquiries

I am generally open to joining podcasts, so long as the theme and spirit is aligned with what I’m doing. Contact me directly to inquire.


My main love is for writing, though.

Many of my best pieces are featured on the Ars Amorata Journal, a publishing adventure (and work-in-progress) shared by many of The Amorati.

But for my latest entires, and to stay in touch with what’s at the cutting edge, sign up for my newsletter. (Or look through the archives.)



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