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My dear friend, my fellow man,

As I write to you, I find myself reflecting on my own journey, and how I came to be in this position to offer guidance to a soul such as yourself. It was a pilgrimage into the heart of darkness, a quest for beauty, passion, and the good life, amidst the chaos and confusion of modernity, and the wildness and exuberance of the South.

Once, I was as you are now, a man yearning for meaning and purpose, tormented by questions that could not be answered by the conventional paths laid before me. Philosophy seemed abstract from my real-world concerns, self-improvement a neurotic pursuit, and the world divided between those who surrendered their souls for material wealth and those who embraced artistic freedom at the cost of a stable future.

Yet I could not abandon my search for a true life. I embarked on a journey that would span decades, seeking answers through travel, the human shadow, and spirituality. Deciding to play full out with women, in culture, and in solitude, I discovered a wellspring of wisdom that would come to colour my every thought and action.

And it was through plunging into intimacy that I slipped into the territory of my sacred wound, and found the true meaning of love. These profound insights led me to craft retreats, embodiment workshops, and coaching programs of my own, where I came to hone my voice and vocation in the world. It seemed my untamed narratives resonated with others, and in moments of true encounter, where I saw men’s hearts break open into hundred different emotions, I knew I had unearthed my purpose.

Many guides and mentors have appeared along my path, from the lovers I took, to spiritual teachers and coaches I invested in, and those true friends that walked the same path. Each played a role in my transformation, and their collective influence would shape me into the man I am today.

I stand before you now as a unique embodiment of the work I do—a writer and coach who draws upon a lineage of wisdom, yet remains grounded in real-life experience. My initiation into the world has been perilous, unorthodox, and an inverted paradigm of what it means to live and learn.

Now this is crucial: I see love and spirituality as direct experiences, not mere concepts, and I can guide you to touch these forms of presence in the moment. And yet, to ascend to such heights of clarity, a man must uncover the savagery, the horror, that lies at the heart of his unconscious. For only beneath those places you most fear will you discover the essence of your being, your purpose, your path. 

Let us navigate these terrains together.

Embrace this journey, my friend, and know that you are not alone. I am here to walk beside you, to share the wisdom I have gleaned, and to help you find your own path through this jungle.

Yours in the quest for beauty and meaning,

Jordan Luke Collier

* * *

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