Hi, I’m Jordan.

Adventurer, Mystic, Writer, Coach.

A recent cinephile, and thanks to la pandemia, a long-term resident of Bali.

For the past decade, I have been Head Coach and a Creative Partner at Ars Amorata. My whole career has been focused on psychological development and transformation. And at Ars Amorata, we offer a poetic, roving brand of men’s work, centered around reviving the Lover in you.

What’s new, in early ’22?

Well, my personal embodiment course, Lover Outlaw Trickster Magician, is available now. It’s a year-long, self-study challenge to re-ignite your inner sense of passion, and deepen your connection to the wisdom of your body.

Come join, and leverage the technique of daily micro-practices, and the mystery of the archetypes.

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For coaching or media enquiries, email me. From now until June we are working hard on the update and release of Mastery and Legacy, our next-level leadership trainings for men.

In the meantime, watch out for a brand new series of Masterclasses on topics such as Initiatory Travel, Beauty and Leadership, The Challenge of Commitment, and Re-Igniting the Spark in your erotic life.

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