I’m Jordan Luke Collier.

For over a decade I have helped men awaken a full-blooded sense of their aliveness. These man tap into the genius of their unconscious, and cultivate a real-world style of personal leadership that prioritises beauty and depth.

Readers and clients come from all cultures; from all walks of life.

Perhaps you have come face-to-face with the deserts of midlife, listening out for a deeper calling. If that’s so, you’re in the right place.

* * *

Currently three ways to get involved with my work:

(1) Newsletter: Soon, ‘The Beautiful Confusion’

The place to get acquainted with everything I publish and try. The chase is on: will or, or will I not, create something of redeeming aesthetic beauty, before I die?

Saturated, embodied insights on a soul-infused life.

(2) Legacy:

What if you were given two full years to explore your heart’s true gifts? What possibilities would reveal themselves with such devotion? How would those around you become transformed… if you claimed your full wild power?

That’s what we explore in Legacy. Legacy is a game-changing coaching journey that aims to uncover the next layer of your calling, and have you take consistent action towards it. The programme contains 13 modules, spans 24 months, includes a retreat, weekly practices, a committed group, and 1:1 coaching. This is for men who grasp the significance of life, and that their imprint on it matters. 

For leaders who don’t have the luxury of time but can match commitment with intensity, Legacy is also offered in an 8-week Accelerator version.

(3) Coaching:

Private, 1:1 guidance on what is alive for you. Be it relational presence, process work, energetic alignment, or my experience and reflections. Get a first-hand taste of what working together is like.

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For corporate or speaking inquiries, contact me here.

Here’s the story that seduced me.. into this unconventional line of work. 

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