Hi, I’m Jordan.

Writer, explorer, and creator of Heart of Adventure—a newsletter that combines travel writing, cinematic analysis, and portraits on the intimacy between women and men. It goes out at least weekly.

Over the past 14 years, I have been a transformational coach, leading retreats and study groups worldwide.

My clients tend to be men who wake up one day, in the middle of their lives, and realise there’s a void of meaning… in their relationship to women, and in the direction of their leadership, work, and art.

Our coaching work embraces complexity, is presence-based (rather than goal- or problem-centered), and sits in the cleft between spirituality and the erotic.

I am currently working on my first book, and about to brave the new world of post-Covid travel.

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Study Groups ~ Mastery

A year-long mentoring programme refining your artistry in attraction, intimacy, and erotic intelligence.


Our one-year leadership odyssey—find how you need to give yourself to the world, so you can die complete.


Join anytime! Our on-demand embodiment and archetypes course sets you up for deep, inner transformation.

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