Hi, I’m Jordan.

Writer, explorer, and core team at the Ars Amorata.

Over the past 14 years, I have been a transformational coach, leading retreats and study groups worldwide.

My clients tend to be men who wake up one day, in the middle of their lives, and realise there’s a lack of verve or meaning… in their relationship to women, and in the direction of their leadership, work, and art.

It’s not so much a crisis, but a malaise. The passion has died, and our mission together—should you choose to accept it—is to bring it roaring back.

Our coaching work is nuanced and bespoke, is presence-based (rather than goal- or problem-centered), and includes an integral spirituality, explorations of the shadow, daily embodiment practice, and a growing connection to the aesthetic.

So please, stay in touch, subscribe via Substack, and check out my various study groups below.

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‘Pick My Brain’ ~ 1:1 Coaching

My calendar is open again for personal coaching sessions. Simply sign up here and book your slot. All topics welcome. For those wanting full access to me over a longer period of time, email me and request an application for one of my limited spots.

Your Full-Scale Guide to Embodiment ~ LOTM

Join anytime! Our on-demand embodiment and archetypes course sets you up for deep, inner transformation, by releasing the constrictions of your body, and re-igniting your life force.

Annual Study Group ~ Mastery

A year-long mentoring programme refining your artistry in attraction, intimacy, and erotic intelligence. For singles and those in committed partnerships.

Annual Study Group ~ Legacy

A one-year leadership odyssey—find how you need to give yourself to the world, so you can die complete. Included: coaching and creative supervision, so you can hone your vocational gifts in the market.

Live Retreats & Experiences

For those who want an experience of my work in-person. I offer a selection of philosophical life coaching weekends, group embodiment retreats, and bespoke VIP experiences. Click below to see the calendar for 2023.

Online Masterclasses

A main priority throughout 2023 is to offer a number of Masterclasses to the public. These will be 2-4 hour calls, introducing themes closest to my heart, showcasing the essence of my work in the world.

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Contact, Podcasts, Events

For coaching or media enquiries, email me. Everything I write in the near-future will come through Substack. Subscribe below:

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