Hi, I’m Jordan.

I’m a writer, wanderer, and for the past 13 years, a transformational coach: specialising in guiding men to develop mastery in intimacy and in their relationships.

I believe the most valuable thing a man can do for his life is to set upon a quest… A quest that aligns himself with the vibrancy and aliveness of his soul.

It is often an ‘outer quest’, and it is always an inner one.

My clients are well-read and cultured men who wish to slip out of their over-thinking, align with the moment-to-moment wisdom of their bodies, and find a state of Presence. A state of Presence from which to tackle the most challenging questions of his life:

— How can I make my relationships truly sparkle?

— How can I live a life that is authentic and aligned?

— What are my shadows, my blind-spots and potentials: and how do I embody this force?

— What is my calling, the song of my soul, my true gift to give?


I invite you upon an odyssey; of uncovering your personal myth, of psycho-spiritual unfolding.

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