A Life of Beauty, Intimacy & Adventure…

Hi, I’m Jordan…

I guide men who have felt restrained by work and relationship as they set upon a personal odyssey.

Tired of a certain greyness that clouds over an increasing portion of their lives, my clients set upon a path of choosing passion over conformity. My clients move towards what they really want, and test their emotional metal in relationship to women and the world. They begin to embody their grandeur, and express the full spectrum of light and dark within. They give what they were born to give to the world. And it cracks their hearts open with meaning.

My service is hand-built so you can masterfully:

> Create timeless and radical experiences of transparency and intimacy with women.

> Maintain high levels of awareness, presence and flow… while building enduring and healthy relationships based on truth.

> Align your relationships and spiritual journey so you can succeed in your vocation, and create a positive imprint on world culture.

My clients are often newly-divorced, and know that love is expensive to get wrong. My clients often take sabbaticals, knowing that a life spent without pursuing one’s passions is a life not spent at all. My clients have included film directors, military security and orchestra conductors… but more frequently I work with men of business, finance or engineering, as they look to master the heart, and fully embody the lover within.

I currently have one place available for 1:1 Personal Coaching. All live events are postponed until the travel restrictions surrounding Covid-19 are lifted.

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