Hi, I’m Jordan.

Writer, explorer, and core team at the Ars Amorata.

Over the past 15 years, I have been a transformational coach, leading men’s retreats and study groups worldwide.

My clients tend to be men who wake up one day, in the middle of their lives, and realise there’s a lack of verve or meaning… in their relationship to women, and in the direction of their leadership, work, and art.

It’s not so much a crisis, but a malaise. The passion has died, and our mission together—should you choose to accept it—is to bring it roaring back. This is a story of knowledge and liberation.

Our coaching work is nuanced, bespoke, holistic, and challenging. You will sit with me on the precipice… between your soul’s desire for an mythic life, and the real-world responsibilities that matter most.

This will grow you beyond what you ever thought possible.

So be welcome here. Subscribe via Substack, check out my Masterclass series and study groups, and, when you’re ready, schedule a call.

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‘Pick My Brain’ & 1:1 Coaching

My calendar is open for personal coaching sessions. Simply sign up here and book your slot. For those wanting full access to me over a longer period of time, email me and request an application.

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Online Masterclasses

I coach around narrative and paradigm. As you see the world from a broader perspective, the story you tell about yourself and your life naturally change. Come and immerse yourself in a different take on human cartography: the Masterclass series will enlighten and provoke you.

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Annual Study Group ~ Legacy

Legacy is my flagship offering, a one-year leadership odyssey. Plume the mysteries of your soul, and flesh out your vision for the world you long to create. Included: coaching and creative supervision, so you can hone your vocational gifts in the market.

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Contact, Podcasts, Events

For coaching or media enquiries, email me. All updates and writings will arrive to you via my Substack. Subscribe below:

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